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We noticed recycling rates in our hometown are pretty low. On top of that, recycling rates in general are low and stagnating. We're bootstrapping a startup to research ways to apply smart technology to the problem to incentivize recycling by combining the latest in AI and IoT technology in a way that hasn't been done before.


alooki technology inc. is developing a machine learning SaaS solution that helps municipalities and its residents increase recycling rates, which in turn will provide a clear ROI to municipalities and contributes towards reducing greenhouse emissions, saving energy and protecting the environment.


Combining the best of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and gamification, our passive diversion measurement system uses video based pattern recognition algorithms to capture the amount of recycling versus solid waste disposal at a household level.

This information is then used to incentivize residents using social media platforms to increase recycling rates.

Recycling Heatmap

our technology


To gather the video and GPS data we need, we're using Raspberry Pi's mounted on garbage trucks. Small but powerful, these amazingly flexible Linux devices are tucked inside 3D-printed cases to protect them from the elements.

Big Data & AI

The video gathered by our truck-mounted cameras adds up to a whole lot of storage space. We plan to store it all in the cloud for processing by our AI-based object detection algorithms to count recyclables versus garbage.

Green Tech

Our overall goal is to reduce the amount of recyclable material that ends up in landfills. By "nudging" residents to recycle based on the data we collect we aim to make our towns and cities a little bit greener.


team alooki

The trio behind alooki is a well seasoned leadership team that has helped successfully build and guide two tech companies (Plato Consulting & Camouflage Software) through to acquisition. Business process and technology consulting firm Plato Consulting was acquired by KPMG in 2013. Enterprise security software firm Camouflage Software Inc. was sold to Imperva in 2016. Based on their successful track record, it seemed only natural to combine their collective entrepreneurial experience once again to bootstrap another exciting tech startup.

Danny Penton: CEO

Danny is a senior financial and strategic business executive with more than 20 years of experience in  IT and professional services.  Prior to joining Plato Consulting and Camouflage Software as CFO, Danny worked with global professional services firm, Deloitte, and Appleby, a leading offshore legal and fiduciary firm.  After the sale of Camouflage to Imperva, Danny was retained as General Manager of the Camouflage business unit at Imperva.  

Kevin Duggan: CVO

Kevin is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry was co-founder of Plato Consulting (1998) and Camouflage Software (2008). As CEO of Camouflage, Kevin was the visionary that helped conceptualize the groundbreaking enterprise security concept of data masking. With Plato he was instrumental in growing the consulting business through contracts with large international organizations.

Steve Pomroy: CTO

Steve is an entrepreneur and senior technology leader with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. With a passion for leveraging technology to creatively solve customer problems, he helps align business goals with market needs to drive business value. Having held numerous roles throughout his career from developer/architect through to product management and CTO, Steve is well versed in the technology fundamentals required to launch and grow successful technology businesses.


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